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How to choose the polycarbonate solid sheet?

PC solid sheet is also called polycarbonate solid sheet, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid sheet, and polycarbonate sheet is made of high performance engineering plastic—-polycarbonate (PC). How to choose the material of the pc solid sheet? What are the differences between materials and materials? Let’s take a closer look. The solid sheet is divided into several grades according to the quality. First of all, customers should understand. PC sheets can generally be divided into high, medium and general three grades. In order to adapt to different customer groups and customer needs, the product is divided into three grades according to quality assurance, 10 years warranty, 7 years warranty, 5 years warranty. The warranty period can be purchased according to the customer’s needs.

The brand, raw material, quality and price of each product are not the same. In addition, some manufacturers provide low-end PC solid sheets.

When the market price of pc solid sheet is shaken, customers can only choose according to the purpose and needs of their products.

Below I will introduce some methods that distinguish the good or bad of the PC solid sheet:

1. Use your hand to pinch the pc solid sheet.  The solid sheet has a sufficient specific gravity and the strength is naturally good. On the contrary, it is lighter and less powerful. Keep the film clean and tidy.

2. Observe the pc solid sheet packaging. Clean, with or without falling off, these details can show whether the manufacturer pays attention to the production process. Here is mainly to reflect the attitude, observe whether the color of the pc solid sheet is uniform.

3. Peel the maintenance film. Whether the pc solid sheet is flat, whether there are bubbles or particles. If the particles and bubbles are larger, the raw materials of the pc solid sheet are poor, and the low-grade sheet is used. If the particles and bubbles are small, it may be a good raw material. If there are few particles and bubbles, it means that the material is of good quality. Usually pc sheets with a warranty of ten years are free of particles and bubbles.

According to the above method, the selection of the pc solid sheet can be selected to select a better one. As the saying goes, for a penny of goods, in the face of products with too low price, the customer should pay more attention when purchasing, whether the product meets the needs. Quality specifications. At the same time, we must also pay attention to some businesses to take advantage of the next time, otherwise spent 10 years of warranty money to buy a 7-year or 5-year or even lower quality warranty products.

Post time: May-31-2022